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Ubuntu - IBus not working on Visual Studio Code

Broken Post?Let me know


Install the official .deb version of VS Code.


Running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, I was unable to type in Korea in VS Code as I was trying out react-i18next.

IBus IME doesn't work on Snap version of VS Code, reported on GitHub but not addressed.

  1. Snap: keyboard input method ibus for Korean doesn't work. #68625
  2. Can't input Chinese in Linux system #46941

What happened?

Ubuntu 20.04 version of "Ubuntu Software" now installs snap version of software.

Refer to Ubuntu Switches to a Snap’d Software Store for 20.04


Go and download the official .deb version of VS Code...
Yes. That worked great.

Refer to the "answer #4" in linux - japanese input is not possible on vscode on ubuntu

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