Getting DOM content from Chrome Extension

February 10, 2019
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Note to self on how to get DOM content from Chrome Extension

As I was building a Chrome Extension, Easy GitHub to generate I had to get DOM content on a GitHub page to see if it’s a forked page or not.

Easy GitHub is to display initially a way to sync forked repository with the master repository.

Reference Paul Seal‘s blog – How to keep your fork up to date with the master repository in GitHub

For forked GitHub page, GitHub page contains a meta tag named octolytics-dimension-repository_parent_nwo , which contains the parent repository the current repository is forked from.

But if the current page is not a fork repo page, then it doesn’t have octolytics-dimension-repository_parent_nwo but have to use go-import meta value.

As a last resort, I needed to use window.location.href(or show a message that it’s not a repo page in Chrome Extension popup).

When using document.getElementBy* or document.querySelector* within Chrome Extension, it fetches DOM for the extension HTML files, not from the tab content.

So to retrieve DOM content, one need to execute a script within a tab by sending a query (document.querySelector* or document.getElement*) like following.

const code = `(function getUrls(){
const forkUrl = document.querySelector('meta[name="octolytics-dimension-repository_parent_nwo"]')
? document.querySelector('meta[name="octolytics-dimension-repository_parent_nwo"]').content
: undefined;
const url = document.querySelector('meta[name="go-import"]')
? document.querySelector('meta[name="go-import"]').content.split(' ')[0]
: undefined;
const href = window.location.href;
return { forkUrl, url, href };
chrome.tabs.executeScript(tabId, { code }, function(result) {
const { forkUrl, url, href } = result[0];
if (forkUrl) {
document.getElementById("url").innerText = `
git remote add upstream${forkUrl}
git fetch upstream
git branch --set-upstream-to=upstream/master master`;
} else if (url) {
document.getElementById("url").innerText = `
git remote add upstream https://${url}
git fetch upstream
git branch --set-upstream-to=upstream/master master`;
} else {
document.getElementById("url").innerText = `
git remote add upstream ${href}
git fetch upstream
git branch --set-upstream-to=upstream/master master`;
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Execute Script within a Tab to extract DOM content

Source code on GitHub.

You can see above that, you pass a code to query DOM elements and extract URLs, which you can use to create a git command script.

You can add a tabs permission to execute the script but it can be too detrimental thus you can simply add URLs to allow script executions.

"permissions": [
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“permissions” section in Chrome Extension manifest.json

Reference – Stack Overflow – chrome.tabs.executeScript not working?