Introducing 🍔 Bunpkg 🍔

September 13, 2018
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Michael Jackson on React Podcast Episode 19 shared his professional experiences.

He created UNPKG to solve a problem.

UNPKG has been used by many and I wanted to solve one, which is to make it easy to build script tags easily for UNPKG.

Here comes Bunpkg.

❓ What?

Bunpkg (pronounced “Bun Package”, meaning B{uild} unpkg {URL}) is for generating an UNPKG script tag.

Here is Bunpkg in action.

🤔 Why?

As mentioned above, it’s to make it easy to generate UNPKG script tags and for me to learn continuously.

I plan to learn & and use Redis, CloudFlare API, and Progressive Web Apps to make a continuous improvement.

💳 Credits

I’ve read UNPKG & BundlePhobia source code generously shared by Michael Jackson & Shubham Kanodia

👋 Parting Words

If you get Not Secure Page message, then try

I will write a technical challenge I ran into in follow-up posts.

Before I go, here are the links to the source code on GitHub.