“yarn global add” command does not work on Windows

Featured Image -Photo by Olliss on Unsplash When you install a new global NPM binary using yarn on Windows machine, you run into the situation where the installed binary is…

December 31, 2017

The Story of JAM – How they dealt with multiple JavaScript files

DISCLAIMER: All characters appearing here are purely fictional. They just share the same first names of awesome CodingBlocks podcast hosts. This is the story of JAM (Joe, Allen, and Michael),…

December 24, 2017

Deploying Existing Create-React-App on GitHub to Netlify

Featured Image – Photo by Artem Sapegin on Unsplash Let’s deploy a create-react-app generated site on Netlify. After signing in to Netlify, click on New Site from Git on the…

December 09, 2017

Loading React Components Dynamically on Demand

*UPDATE* – October 28, 2018 Refer to the updated post, Loading React Components Dynamically on Demand using React.lazy if you are using v16.6.0+. I was looking for implementations for a Factory…

December 04, 2017

Searching for Books in Command Line Interface (CLI)

Featured Image Credit -Photo by Redd Angelo on Unsplash I’d like to show you a Node CLI (Command Line Interface), Google-Book-Shell I created from a throwaway code. Here are the…

November 26, 2017

Tips on running React page with Node backend

As I was learning React, I’ve run into a situation where I needed to use node as a backend. I found this wonderful article Create React App with an Express Backend…

November 12, 2017

Summary of Clean Architecture Part II “Starting with the Bricks: Programming Paradigms”

After reading Clean Architecture, I’ve had a trouble understanding differences of each programming paradigm; Structured Programming (SP) Object-oriented Programming (OOP) Functional Programming (FP) Let me share a summary of  Clean…

November 05, 2017

Eliminating a Switch statement

I was solving Make the Deadfish Swim on CodeWars, which seemed to require many if or switch (conditional) statements. I was impressed with two Functional Programming in Javascript articles (Rethinking JavaScript: The…

October 28, 2017

Setting up ReactJS.org Environment for Open Source Contribution

I wanted to contribute to ReactJS.org website, (which is a new React JS documentation site announced on Twitter.) as a happy new React user. Setting up ReactJS.org environment on Windows…

October 15, 2017

Filtering out a stray number in an array

I solved a CodeWars (programming challenge site) question and compared my answer to other solutions. I was introduced to a different way of solving a question with a boolean operation. Be prepared to…

October 07, 2017

Push git cloned repository to your own on GitHub

** UPDATE: April 21, 2019 ** Both Eugene Karataev & Noah Pederson provided a better way than what’s in this post. Check’em out on the dev.to post thread. Eugene Karataev:  https://dev.to/karataev/comment/a906 Noah Pederson: https://dev.to/chiefnoah/comment/a904 You git cloned…

October 01, 2017

Displaying Multiple Google Charts in React (react-google-charts)

I was working on displaying multiple GitHub traffic charts using a Google Chart NPM package for React, react-google-charts. Problem Out of many charts, only the first one chart is populated.…

September 21, 2017

Personal Landing Page (hosted on GitHub)

HI Guys,   I had a lot of fun creating landing page today (9/17/2017) using GitHub Pages. I added a custom domain, sungkim.co to the page.     The source…

September 17, 2017

Expression Bodied Collection Property Initialization Gotcha in C#

I was implementing a trie, which is a tree data structure, usually for storing strings for searching. Since it’s a tree, it has a “Children” for holding child nodes. But then I…

September 16, 2017

Passing an API Key to Heroku Node Application

I was learning how to publish a node app, GitHub Traffic View(source on GitHub), which requires a GitHub API key to be passed to Heroku application. Problem Initially, the API…

September 09, 2017

Throwaway Code: Don’t recycle, throw it away!

OK, you are working on a side programming project, and it’s not progressing. Probably you aren’t the only one. I’ve been working on a side project using React and ran…

September 05, 2017

An Experience with a Phishing Scammer

Last Tuesday (8/22/2017) I got a call from unrecognized number at work. The call was from a rep from PluralSight, supposedly. But the conversation I had was a bit bizarre.

August 26, 2017

Flexbox Learning Path

I was reading Pure-React by David Ceddia and I was working on an exercise to create an email component. I remembered listening to the Cynical Developer (James Studdart) podcast episode…

August 13, 2017

TIL – An Epiphany while reading The Richest Man in Babylon

I started reading The Richest Man in Babylon a few days ago. One of my coworkers is a voracious reader so I was telling him how enticing the book was.…

August 05, 2017

Getting over Insomnia

* Featured Image – “not asleep – not awake” by Aaron Edwards, used under CC BY-NC 2.0. It takes me at least an hour to fall asleep. It is not as…

July 29, 2017

TIL – While Reading the Phoenix Project

Warning: This is just going to be a random blog entry written with whatever is coming out of my mind. I am reading The Phoenix Project. It’s a book about an IT…

July 22, 2017

Hiding API Keys on GitHub

You have come up with a cool idea, decided to make an open source project, and share it on GitHub. The most popular language on GitHub nowadays is JavaScript, and…

July 08, 2017

Opening Reddit Links using Chrome Plugin

It was Saturday night. I had a lot of time on my hands so I decided to browse Reddit. Reddit has so many links, clicking on each link manually was…

June 25, 2017

How to call GoodReads API using YQL

* Featured Image – “Reading” by Sam Greenhalgh, used under CC BY 2.0 I have been trying to use GoodReads data to display my reading statistics and to find patterns using…

June 20, 2017

How Refactoring Helps Dealing with Legacy Code

You are writing code either professionally or for fun. A lot of times, we think that our code will never change. But then we run into many situations where that’s…

June 11, 2017

Dynamically Resize Signature Field in Word Template (Like a Web Developer)

Suppose that you were working on merging client data with a Microsoft Word template and everything went well. And then boom, a week later, you are notified from a user…

June 04, 2017

Parsing a number into digits – Reprise

* Featured Image – “Numbers” by Kevin Dooley, used under CC BY 2.0 On 3/11/2017, I wrote a blog entry Parsing a Number into Digits. While it’s not hard to implement…

May 28, 2017

Setting up an ES6 Environment for ASP.NET MVC 5

*** UPDATE: October 13th, 2018 *** Following post uses Babel 7 & Webpack 4. Setting up a React Environment for ASP.NET MVC I still haven’t moved to ASP.NET Core and…

May 22, 2017

Union-Find Algorithm

* Featured Image – “Union St. Street Sign in Bodie” by m01229, used under CC BY-NC 2.0 (Medium sized image) There is a really cool course on Coursera regarding Union-Find. The course was…

May 13, 2017

Implementation of Bellman-Ford Algorithm

I’ve already implemented Dijkstra’s algorithm and was looking for another way to find the shortest path between two nodes in a graph. I found a simpler algorithm based on relaxation called…

May 07, 2017

Review of the Clean Coder (by Uncle Bob)

The Clean Coder by Robert C. Martin (aka Uncle Bob) is a book about how a professional should conduct or what one needs to do to become one. The book consists of…

April 24, 2017

My journey on Implementing Dijkstra’s algorithm

* Featured Image of Edsger Wybe Dijkstra from Wikipedia, used under CC BY 3.0. I’ve spent about 3 days trying to implement Dijkstra’s algorithm after watching a YouTube video. I’ve implemented three…

April 20, 2017


* Featured Image – “Trees” by RichardBH, used under CC BY 2.0 In the previous article, Depth-First Tree Traversal, I wrote about how to traverse trees with Depth-first approaches;In-Order, Pre-Order, and…

April 08, 2017

Explaining OOP keywords to CSO

* Featured Image – “thought” by Henadz Freshphoto.ru, used under CC BY 2.0 / Dropped Quality to 60 I was called into CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)’s office one day and out…

April 01, 2017

Depth-First Tree Traversal

* Featured Image – “tree” by AmishHomo, used under CC BY 2.0 * The full working source code is available on GitHub * I’ve forgotten most of the data structure concepts, especially a…

March 26, 2017

Removing Duplicates from an Array (Using C#)

* Featured Image – “removed.jpg” by Don Crowley, used under BY SA I’ve experimented a few different ways to remove duplicate items in an array. An array could be either ordered…

March 18, 2017

Parsing a number into digits

* Featured Image – “Miss South Carolina Powerset Parse” by official_powerset, used under BY SA / Dropped Quality to 80% from original I’ve run into situations where I had to parse…

March 11, 2017

Pain of supporting COM enabled .NET library

* Featured Image – “Stockholm Public Library” by Wojtek Gurak, used under BY NC / Dropped Quality to 60% from original   Nearly 10 years ago, I created a .NET library…

March 04, 2017

Catching a code bottleneck using a profiler

I’ve been having a problem with an easy HackerRank problem, Palindrome Index. I knew that I was on the right track since answers for test cases were correct. But then I ran…

February 25, 2017

Readability Conscious

* Featured Image – “voynich” by D.C.Atty, used under CC BY / Dropped Quality to 60% from original – It’s a featured image since nobody can figure out what’s written in…

February 19, 2017

How I learned to appreciate others

Featured Image – “Appreciation” by Edd Turtle is licensed under CC BY 2.0 I’ve read a book, How to Win Friends and Influence People (the Friends book), recently and wondered…

February 11, 2017

Getting lazy with Resharper

 Featured Image by Martin Cron * I’ve been using Resharper (R#), a Visual Studio plug-in for over 7 years. I’ve finally been able to convince the company I work for to…

February 04, 2017

Review of Extreme Programming Explained Second Edition

I just finished reading Extreme Programming Explained Second Edition by Kent Beck. I’d like to do a bit of review and what I learned. “Extreme Programming Explained” consists of two sections.…

January 28, 2017

Reading List for 2017

Feature Image Credit – Image by Sam Greenhalgh SmartCuts was the book that got me interested in reading back in 2015. I never read a single self-development book. Then I came…

January 25, 2017

Solving a HackerRank Problem with Modulo Array Rotation

On December 25th of 2016, I wrote about AWESOMENESS OF % (MODULO OPERATOR). I was able to apply the knowledge I learned to solve a HackerRank warm-up question, Circular Array Rotation.…

January 14, 2017

Blaming Windows 10 for My Own Mess Up

I had to reset my Windows 10 PC last night (1/11/2017). The problem was that my computer lost power during windows update. Mouse and keyboard weren’t being recognized on Login Screen.…

January 13, 2017

Iterating two enumerable objects simultaneously

I was solving a question on Cracking the Coding Interview Edition 6 question 4.1 Given a directed graph, design an algorithm to find out whether there is a route between…

January 09, 2017